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July 2011 - Otway Offroad Take on Hattah

Just north of Hattah near Mildura is home the second largest off-road race in Australia the Hattah Desert Race. Having never competed at the Hattah, it was very exciting to finally be part of the action in 2011. I remember reading last years story on the Hattah Desert Race in Trailrider mag and it looked like such an epic place to ride. Well what so ya know along comes 2 invites to the “Industry Cup” race from Trailrider Magazine!! Woo Hoo..

Now the big decision, Ironman or Pony?? Shit 4 hours straight??? 8 laps? Ahhh, definitely Pony.. Gee it would be nice to

do some training! Cut some laps like the old days...Yeah ok lets do it!!.Iron Man!!!......Yeah right Con, thats gonna happen!! The only laps I`ll be cutting is driving the kids to school each day!! Pony it is, lets have a blast.


So off we went to Mildura on Friday the 1st of July for some fun and games. Big Jas, Turbo and Stevos arrived early on Friday for pick up in big Jas`s rig.. We arrived in Mildura at around 5 pm for the Meet and Greet in the centre of town.


We decided to take the opportunity to set up our quick shade with some brochures, mags, and giveaways, along with a draw to win a free Entree tour with us. It was crazy, there must have been over 5000 people in the mall in Mildura, the KTM boys were signing autographs, the big screen had previous Hattah races playing, it was a great atmosphere. We talked to plenty of locals and competitors who had heard of us and were keen to come on a tour with us. Stevos and Mitch were stuck over at scrutineering with our bikes while the free beer was flowing in the Trailrider tent!


After a big night in the Mildura mall and at the Trailrider bar it was time to see our accommodation for the next 3 nights.



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